• Coping Behaviors <br/>2006 – 2011

    Coping Behaviors
    2006 – 2011

    The work stems from my interest in the importance of behavioral patterns from childhood, from fears …

  • Becoming Transparent <br/>2008 – 2010

    Becoming Transparent
    2008 – 2010

    Art engages with the subject of depression in quite a different manner than science. A painter’s …

  • Grace – No Grace <br/>2011

    Grace – No Grace

    I am interested in the qualities of the material I use. The paintings are executed on …

  • Visual Commentary <br/>2009

    Visual Commentary

    Through the language of painting and drawing I am able to explore the aesthetics of gestures …

  • Image of Disengagement <br/>2006 – 2008

    Image of Disengagement
    2006 – 2008

    Painting disengagement is the capturing of life in a phase that can be compared to that …

  • Self-Examination <br/>2006 – 2009

    2006 – 2009

    The approach to the depression presented in these works is evolutionary in character. The paintings show …

  • Misery of Regression, Woman Child <br/>2005

    Misery of Regression, Woman Child

    Culture tends to define standards about identities. Art allows us to speak out against those standards.┬áThe …

  • Cell Codes and <br/>“Would Be” Systems <br/>2000 – 2004

    Cell Codes and
    “Would Be” Systems
    2000 – 2004

    Art and science are inseparable from my life. These two disciplines give meaning to my life …